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JoAnn Mathias, author of video, Restoration Techniques: Broken Bisque and  co-founder and Past President of the Doll Doctors' Association. Dolls are her passion since she was a little girl.  Now she shares her knowledge through DVDs. speaking to civic groups and belonging to a UFDC doll club.  "There couldn't be a more rewarding profession than working with dolls all day and being around other doll lovers." 
Founded in 1997, the seminars were established to fulfill a need to teach new doll doctors. The curriculum was developed to be all inclusive for anyone wishing to become a doll doctor or for someone who wishes just to maintain their collection.


Unfortunately, she has retired from doll restoration and teaching.  She says, "Our family situation has changed and we are now raising our two grandchildren.  I continue to miss doing doll restoration and teaching, but keep active in the Precious Memories Doll Club acting as Secretary and membership in the Doll Doctors' Association".


Doll Doctor's Association

Happy 20th Anniversary !!!

An association of doll doctors dedicated to promoting better skills and techniques through communication with other doll doctors.  This specialized organization allows all members to share their ideas and techniques through a newsletter "Doll RX" which is published three times a year.  State chapters are forming throughout the country which allow an individual to learn and share ideas with others who reside in their state.





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